Protective Packaging
Protective Packaging for Sale

Pack ‘n Wrap has many variants on protective packaging, the most popular being SFK Board and Bubble Wrap.

Our Bubble Wrap rolls are a genuine 125 square meter, the rolls size being 1250 x 100 meters. The bubble size on the most popular rolls is C100.
Slit rolls are available on order  as well as single and double sided cushion craft.

SFK Board size : 30 Kg rolls x 1250mm x 70 meters. This is a very popular form of protective packaging for items fridges, kitchen cupboards, furniture, picture frames and glassware.

Aerothene is available in 1mm, 2mm and 3mm thicknesses. Aerothene is used for computers, tv screens, glass furniture and white appliances its advantage being that it is anti-static and non-abrasive.